Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread

What is This Power of The Golden Thread?

What is the Golden Thread? How does your pet tap into the Golden Thread to help you? How can you access the Golden Thread in your own life? How do you know when you have met a Golden Thread connection?

These are a few of the things you will discover when you read Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread.

By purchasing our Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread series, you will help us in our fight to bring Miss Tilly back home. But you are also fighting for your own rights:

  • Your right to hire a dependable dogsitter
  • Your right to expect your dog back from your dogsitter
  • Your right to expect that if your dog is stolen, you can easily get your dog back
We've done all the hard work. We've spent over 5 years in this battle. But we still need your help!

You can help by purchasing Part 1 of Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread. Simply click on a photo of the book. You will receive the book instantly after checkout. Visit our Miss Tilly product store and select some really cool t-shirts, coffee mugs, and even bumper stickers! They're guaranteed to make you smile!

What You Should Know about the book sereies, Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread

• Based on a true story that chronicles a 5-year battle

• Includes many expert views on topics including dog nutrition, survival, prayer, and more
• Provides natural remedies for you and your pet
• Will touch you on every level
• Reveals how to recognize 14 characteristics of evil (Part 2)
• Gives you in-depth information about the judge shows on television to solve legal matters
• Learn about dog modeling
• Warms your heart with incredible dog stories
• Illustrates a new way of thinking about the death of a pet
• And a lot more.

It's the Dog Story of the Century!

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Did You Know:

• One particular industry is booming from the increase in stolen/missing dogs: find out which one it is.

• There is a natural substance that can eliminate many pet parasites and only costs pennies.

• The Dog Whisperer tunes in to the Golden Thread of the dogs he works with.

• Playing dog games with your dog is a way to connect to your dog and stimulate your dog's intelligence.

• Pets respond to bodywork such as massage: find out how.

• How to recover your stolen dog is vastly different than how to find lost dogs.

• Dog health problems can be approached from a natural healing standpoint.

• The best way to find a lost dog is not necessarily to spend time combing the streets looking for him.

• Besides your veterinarian, there are others who can assist you in answering pet health questions and addressing dog health problems.

• Spiritual battles can be waged against you without your knowing it and without your consent. Your own spiritual awakening is imperative to beat evil.

• Stolen dogs with microchips may not always be returned to their rightful owner.

• Homemade dog treats can be much better than store-bought ones.

• By tuning in to the Golden Thread, you can become a Dog Whisperer.

• You'll be amazed at what you'll learn in Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread.

Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread

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