Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread

Miss Tilly's Plea

Hi! I'm Miss Tilly and on April 15st, I may have the happiest day of my life! I need your help!

You can call me a missing dog. I have been missing for over 35 dog years and I heard that my "Mom" and best friend have been trying their best to get me home again.

My Mom is so special to me. She even wrote a book about my life and how much she loves me. I heard she was never going to give up and that really made me so happy!

I long for the day that I will be back home.

You see, I wasn't on a street lost and wandering around. Some people took care of me and they did the best they could. But they didn't know that my heart ached so deeply for my best friend Gracie and my family. Gracie was the only one of my own kind that ever really loved me. We used to do so much together go for walks, go swimming, chase the squirrels, and pose for our modeling shoots to make people smile. I had the best times of my life with them and it makes my heart jump with excitement when I think that it's possible that I could be home again if the judge says I belong with them. I know where I belong and it's with my real family.

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As much as I tried to stay happy in those new homes, I still sob deeply at night because I miss my family so much. I always dream about the day I'll be home again.

Well, I sure wish you could read my Mom's book and somehow help me get home! You see, I haven't been feeling that good for a long time. When I first realized that my best family was gone, I had this knot in my stomach and it never went away. Before I knew it, there was another knot and another one. I'm a big furry ball of knots on the inside.

You must know what that feels like. I remember when my Mom used to help her friends get rid of the knots they had on the inside and I used to jump on their backs. I only weigh 8 pounds and my paws gave them just enough pressure in just the right spot. They always told me how smart I was to know where to jump. And I used to hear Mom talk about how grief can really cause a lot of health problems.

You can read about me in the book my Mom wrote. I know you'll love some of the stories in that book. She's using the money earned from the book to help cover the court costs.

The court date is on the first of the month and it's coming up fast. Won't you help me now? I really need you. The rest of my life depends on it.

Mom has some really great bonuses for you and your kids, or your neighbor's kids.

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Did You Know:

• One particular industry is booming from the increase in stolen/missing dogs: find out which one it is.

• There is a natural substance that can eliminate many pet parasites and only costs pennies.

• The Dog Whisperer tunes in to the Golden Thread of the dogs he works with.

• Playing dog games with your dog is a way to connect to your dog and stimulate your dog's intelligence.

• Pets respond to bodywork such as massage: find out how.

• How to recover your stolen dog is vastly different than how to find lost dogs.

• Dog health problems can be approached from a natural healing standpoint.

• The best way to find a lost dog is not necessarily to spend time combing the streets looking for him.

• Besides your veterinarian, there are others who can assist you in answering pet health questions and addressing dog health problems.

• Spiritual battles can be waged against you without your knowing it and without your consent. Your own spiritual awakening is imperative to beat evil.

• Stolen dogs with microchips may not always be returned to their rightful owner.

• Homemade dog treats can be much better than store-bought ones.

• By tuning in to the Golden Thread, you can become a Dog Whisperer.

• You'll be amazed at what you'll learn in Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread.

Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread

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