Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread

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Finding Miss Tilly

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Reward Yourself with this inspiring dog story of love and controversy

Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread will transform your life AND your relationship with your pet forever!

Miss Tilly is possibly the only dog that ever fought for you and your dog. Watch her little video on her Facebook FanPage here. 

This is a book filled with information you can't live without!

The Finding Miss TIlly & The Golden Thread ebook series is based on a true, heartfelt story.

It's a true love story between two dogs that were magazine mascots — Miss Tilly and Gracie, an Aussie mix.

And it's a love story about the special pet connection we have to our animals. You'll laugh about how Dr. Donna's other dogs — Ginger, Rugs, and Goldie taught her how to play dog games with them. You'll be amazed at how pet health problems became health solutions for many dog owners from her experiences.

And when you read about how her pets all had an uncanny sense of what she was supposed to be doing and when, you'll see a new side of pets that you never saw before. You'll learn about the most valuable connection that your pet has — the Golden Thread — as 'told' to Dr. Donna by a German Shepherd at the dog pound.

As you read the book series, Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread, the connection you have to your pet will be strengthened to an all new level never imagined before. You may even want to read this love story to your children because it's a story for all ages.

Dog Sitter Gives Away Miss Tilly
—and Says a Coyote Ate Her!

If you've ever had a missing pet that ended up in the hands of someone else and there was nothing you could do to get your pet back, this love story is for you. You understand the struggles of a pet owner:

• How the police don't want to fill out a police report for dog cases

• How the hands of those in Animal Control are tied

• How to stay above the incident psychologically to prevent the betrayal from "contaminating" one's spirit

• How to avoid the spiritual warfare that goes along with any struggle

The Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread book series is also for those who never lost a pet but want to know what to do just in case. Dr. Donna never thought she'd have to deal with any of these struggles, but her pain and suffering can be used to prevent yours in the event that it happens to you. She realized that if she would have known certain key facts about the process in the beginning, then Gracie wouldn't have had to suffer, either. A pet is a big part of one's family; everyone suffers the loss.

Gracie cried honest to God dog tears whenever Miss Tilly's name was mentioned after she disappeared. She still cries for her.

Expand Your Knowledge about More Than Just Dogs

The Miss Tilly love story is filled with insight from a whole range of experts such as pet detectives, body workers, natural healing experts, survivalists, and spiritual advisors.

In fact, there's a whole new aspect about pets that no one has ever addressed before —   how our pets fit into our spiritual life and what lessons we can learn from them about the Creator. It's a story of good vs. evil; you'll learn how to recognize the 14 characteristics of evil and what to do about it. That comes in Part 2 and you won't want to miss it.

Finding Miss Tilly is About Honor, Persistence, Excellence and Honesty

Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread chronicles the persistence needed for over five years to get a beloved dog back home, safe and sound. You'll learn the latest techniques needed to retrieve any stolen pet as well as how to find a missing pet; ones that don't depend on dog microchip technology that could fail you and cost you your dog.

The truth is that the Miss Tilly story touches the reader on so many levels that each time you read it, you discover new revelations. Some people have told us the story contributed to their spiritual healing as well. We're convinced that you, like so many others, will say that it's the Dog Story of the Century.

Miss Tilly Goes to Court Friday, April 15th

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Posted by Pet Lover on April 13, 2011 - 03:36 pm
I just ran across this sad story. I hope that the court does the right thing, and give the dog back to this woman. 5 years is too long to be waiting for the return of one's dog.
Posted by Vivian on April 01, 2011 - 09:38 pm
I saw the piece on News 10 and pray that you have Miss Tilly at home now. Our hearts go out to you and we would be devastated if we lost our dog Spanky. I am sorry for all the heartache you have endured through this.

God bless you and Miss Tilly.

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