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Posted by AshleyTwelve on March 25, 2011 - 02:42 pm
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Posted by Susan on March 21, 2011 - 08:16 pm
Finding Beau
On 1 July 2003 my purebred English Setter “Beau” was deliberately stolen from a secure, 2.5 metre high verandah of our home situated on a securely fenced, electrified and locked acreage property in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia.
When I arrived home from work to find Beau gone, I was consumed with shock and despair. I had to do everything I possibly could to find Beau as quickly as I could. The passion and extent of my search for Beau resulted in extensive media attention throughout Australia.
Today’s date is 20 March 2011. I am still searching for Beau in the hope he is still alive. I do not know for certain, so how can I stop? Beau is now 10 years old.
As well as being a severe form of animal cruelty, it is a criminal offence to steal a dog. Despite this, even those employed in animal welfare organisations rarely consider a dog might be stolen. Veterinarians on the whole do not care who legally owns the dog. The microchipping system is grossly flawed. The “normal” attitude in Australia is to forget about the stolen dog because his life no longer matters and purchase another dog, preferably a rescue dog.
A dog does not forget a human he loves with all his heart and soul. A human does not forget a dog she loves with all her heart and soul. Both have to continue to survive to be reunited with each other again. I have worried so much about Beau because I know he would not have coped. Despite this, I cling onto the hope that Beau is still alive, maybe because I cannot consider the thought that Beau has died, confused and grieving, neglected, abused, and wondering what he did wrong to be sent away, wondering why his mum has not come to take him back home.
I will never comprehend how a human could stoop so low to steal a dog. Humans who believe a stolen dog quickly adjusts to a new environment disgust me.
Even though a crime was committed, Beau and I had been abused and Beau had been severely mistreated, we have been ignored by the majority of humans employed in the animal welfare industry since July 2003. Police crime report numbers are ignored and are not recorded. Proper records are not maintained for “lost” dogs (a stolen dog is categorised as a lost dog). In some cases a stolen dog is illegally “euthanised” by veterinarians and others employed in the animal welfare industry. In some cases a stolen dog is illegally sold to someone else. This goes against everything these organisations are supposed to stand for.
I will never stop searching for Beau for the remainder of his natural life which I have decided is 16 years. Until the day I die I will continue to fight for justice for stolen dogs.
As well as my constant advertising I had to be “out there” talking to people to try to get through to them how much I loved Beau. I have ended up in “far away places”. Because of the extent of my search, people throughout Australia, particularly on the Gold Coast where we live, have not forgotten about Beau. I am grateful to those who have tried to help. I know some of you have helped without my knowledge. I will never forget you. If it was not for all of you, what a pitiful world it would be.
If you can resonate with what I am saying, please help me spread the word for Beau by forwarding on his website link

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Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread

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