Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread
Dr. Donna
From the desk of Dr. Donna, Dog Lover
and Pet Activist

Dear Dog Lover,

Imagine yourself getting ready for a trip out of town that you've really been looking forward to. Maybe it's a week long vacation in Hawaii, a wedding of a dear friend, or a business trip that offers great promise.

You take care of all the details and make a phone call to the pet sitter to drop off your pet. You're so glad that your pet will be in the hands of someone who loves her. You rest assured that everything will be okay and your pet will be safe.

With this sense of peace and contentment, you take your trip and everything goes well. On your way home, you leave a message for the pet sitter that you are on your way to pick up your pet. The time away from your pet has gnawed at you that something was missing from your life; it was the love that your pet gives you on a daily basis.

You arrive at the pet sitter's home. There's something wrong, though. your pet is nowhere to be found. The pet sitter says your pet got out and is gone; possibly eaten by a coyote. You swallow hard and your heart stops. You're in shock. Deep inside, you know it's not true! It's impossible! It couldn't happen to my dog!

As soon as you recover somewhat from the immense loss that your pet, and her love have been snatched out from under you, you get busy. You'll find her. You'll bring her home. And soon she'll be in your arms once again.

Here's How I Will Be Helping You

A similar situation happened to me more than five years ago. It wasn't pretty and has led to a legal battle to get Miss Tilly, my little Pomeranian, back.

Even though your your pet is still at home safe in her own little bed, your next trip to a pet sitter could mean sheer disaster. What you may not realize is that every time a pet sitter or a friend takes care of your pet, you are at risk of not getting your pet back and not having a lot of recourse in the matter.

The system couldn't care less about you and your pet. Pets are still considered property, and their feelings are not recognized by many segments of society.

On Friday, April 15st I will be in court for not only Miss Tilly but also for YOU and your beloved pet.

I'm fighting for your rights because of something called a landmark case. How a judge rules on a case can set a precedence for how all other similar cases are ruled.

If the judge rules against me, it means that you can kiss your dog goodbye forever whenever you leave her with a pet sitter or a friend.

I will be fighting for your rights in court as hard as I can. I will not give up. I will not back down no matter what lies are thrown at me. Someone has to stand up to this indifference, this cruelty, this travesty and tragedy of astronomical proportions. It's sheer evil, in my opinion.

Can I Ask for Your Support?

In these last five years, I've learned some really ugly truths about who really cares about pets and who doesn't and how to tell them apart. If you have difficulty seeing through people's motives, these lessons will change your life.

I've learned that the laws may not protect all the innocent your pet's and Rex's and Lassies out there. Most of all, what it means is that the laws may not protect your precious pet!

The learning curve has not been fun. Once a pet is suddenly snatched away, defenseless and unable to return to you on their own, there's a lot of grief that can destroy not only a pet owner's health but also the pet's health, too. Grief does that to someone.

In my extended rescue attempts, I've been able to reach down into the depths of the soul and grab the persistence needed to bring my little Miss TIlly back home where she belongs, playing with her very best friend in life, Gracie. The two of them were doggy models for my business and they both love the camera and posing.

Please let me help you prevent experiencing years of gut-wrenching pain and sorrow that comes from a missing or stolen pet. Let me plant the seeds of success for you if a similar situation happens to you.

These seeds of success bring a harvest:
• important knowledge of what to do if your pet goes missing or is stolen and how to initiate the process smoothly.

• how to identify liars in different situations involving your pet

• how to deal with grief when your pet is missing. This one is a big one because to many people, a pet is a trusted friend and sometimes held in higher respect than a family member. You can die from a broken heart. With this information, let's heal your heart from past loss, as well.

• how to tap into the goodness that your pet offers you on a daily basis. I believe that every pet is God-given and carries a Golden Thread that leads right to the Creator. Tapping into the Golden Thread is a way to stay connected with your pet and the Creator. And bring your loved one home.

I've kept a log of what's happened along the way – some may call it a journal while others would call it a story. It's an ebook series called Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread, and it's set up in a series of ebooks that you will love. What I've learned along the way is in the book.

It's also filled with great dog stories that will make you laugh and remember your own pet stories. You may even be inspired to write your own story. Finding Miss TIlly & The Golden Thread is also filled with instances of goodness and divine intervention. It is said that God fights our battles on a spiritual level and goes before us. You'll read specific examples where this happened.

Finding Miss TIlly & The Golden Thread is filled with so much more. But I must spend time preparing for court. I am representing you and your pet and must do the best job I can do.

Won't you please purchase the series Finding Miss TIlly & The Golden Thread right now? I promise that I will keep you updated on how the court case turns out and let you in on the details of Miss Tilly's reunion.

Here are the bonuses you will get:

When you purchase Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread, you will receive these specially selected bonuses:



Book Cover A Dog's TaleThe children's book, A Dog's Tale by Mark Twain with an Update of Teachable Moments by Dr. Donna Schwontkowski.

Adults will delight in reading this story as well – they are certain to inspire!

If you're a mom or dad with little ones, or a grandparent or somehow involved with children, you know how difficult it is to keep children's active minds occupied. Schedule a day or night where you discuss a classic dog story with the children. This story is a classic one that has kept people's interest for decades. An added benefit is the section of Teachable Moments added so you don't have to do any preparation.


Book Cover The Naught Puppies with Teachable Moments

This book is exactly what parents need if the kids are getting out of line!

The adventures of Tiny and Toodles emphasize friendship and setting boundaries, two extremely valuable "lessons" in life.

The earlier our children can understand friendship and setting boundaries, the better their lives will be, especially since they will make fewer mistakes with friends and acquaintances. The Naughty Puppies also gives children a strong sense that there are some actions that are negative towards others and there are consequences.


Book Cover Doggy Jokes

15 Recycled Good Clean Doggy Jokes. Who can live without humor?

Use these jokes to brighten up your day.


Book Cover Home Made Doggy Treats

Two Homemade Treats For Your Dog

These healthy recipes are filled with ingredients that dogs love, and they are healthy for your pet, too!


Your Dog is More Precious Than Ever!

Take a look at your dog right now. Think about the happiest moments you have had with him or her.

Now imagine your life a few years from now. Your dog happily wags its tail the minute that you pull up in the driveway. You hear him whining expectantly as you come to the door, similar to how he acted when he was a puppy. You’re the most important person in your dog’s life and he always lets you know this.

Even after a rough day in your life, your dog is still there waiting for you, and once he greets you, your troubles of the day melt away instantly. The level of unconditional love that comes from your dog is transferred right into you exactly when you need it. He’s clearly tied into a level of the divine presence through his Golden Thread that makes you always stop for a split second, give thanks for him, and revel in the awe of it all. He makes you remember who you really are – a person full of love and goodness.

You think back to the times in those last few years when you had some close calls and almost lost him – his health started failing and a family member left the gate open without thinking. During those times, your mind flashed right into knowing exactly what to do and you did it, just because you read the Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread series. You approached the situation with wisdom, confidence and an inner knowing that everything would work out right. You’re amazed at how easily you transformed a bad situation into a good one.

You realize how savvy you are now about pets and most of all, so aware of this beautiful Golden Thread connection that your pet offers you daily. You know that your investment in this series has opened your heart and soul to a whole new level.

As your eyes return back to looking at this exceptionally happy dog in front of you, you see and know that it was all truly worth it. Love always is.

Get Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread, Part 1 now!


Dr. Donna Schwontkowski (ret.)
Author, Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread
P.O. Box 307
Carmichael CA 95609

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Did You Know:

• One particular industry is booming from the increase in stolen/missing dogs: find out which one it is.

• There is a natural substance that can eliminate many pet parasites and only costs pennies.

• The Dog Whisperer tunes in to the Golden Thread of the dogs he works with.

• Playing dog games with your dog is a way to connect to your dog and stimulate your dog's intelligence.

• Pets respond to bodywork such as massage: find out how.

• How to recover your stolen dog is vastly different than how to find lost dogs.

• Dog health problems can be approached from a natural healing standpoint.

• The best way to find a lost dog is not necessarily to spend time combing the streets looking for him.

• Besides your veterinarian, there are others who can assist you in answering pet health questions and addressing dog health problems.

• Spiritual battles can be waged against you without your knowing it and without your consent. Your own spiritual awakening is imperative to beat evil.

• Stolen dogs with microchips may not always be returned to their rightful owner.

• Homemade dog treats can be much better than store-bought ones.

• By tuning in to the Golden Thread, you can become a Dog Whisperer.

• You'll be amazed at what you'll learn in Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread.

Finding Miss Tilly & The Golden Thread

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